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Hmmm is there a solution in this game? 

Beep. Boop. Eat the rich. Blap.

Really enjoyed the game, would love to see more! Definitely going to be checking out your other work if there is any! 

Lmao i'm too stubborn for my own good, very interesting game tho!

Damn boy! Just 30 seconds long but scared the hell outta out of me. Keep it up.

Really interesting game and I like how the "enemy" is just I.T. XD I'm not sure if the game has a second ending, but if it doesn't, I'd highly recommend putting in a second ending.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Nice game !

daddysucc, you have created a masterpiece

Breaking out of the matrix has never been this fun 🤣🤣🤣

This was a fun one, great job!

My lord this one was interesting...

This game was fun lol, i enjoyed my time playing it. silly and scary at the same time

Excellent little game with a fun premise. Nice job. 

Nice work for 48 hrs! It was interesting and enjoyable.

Hello, I would ask you if I can stream your game on twitch?

Yes you can stream the game


This is really good and also very strange but in the best way. Got a couple endings, not sure if there are more but I had fun finding what I did!

Interesting game.

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This was a great game! Love the consent and multiple endings. 

Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, the concept was very interesting, I got both of the endings and I agree that we should be able to skip dialogue considering how many times you have to go through the loop, it gets annoying, also the hitbox for the door is really specific which is also not great, but knowing that this game's made in 48 hours this is really impressive,good work :)

That Game was Awesome

Really enjoyed this. Great work!

what the f am I supposed to do I die.

This was really cool! I love the idea of trial and error to find the correct path. My only issues were the "F" button wasn't very responsive, and I feel like the dialogue text should be skippable at least after the first run through. I tried to find another ending, but I couldn't figure it out and ran out of time. Overall, this was a really cool experience! Great work!

Gave it a Let's Play, pretty cool stuff! 

I love this graphic :D

Good experience. Love the graphics.

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This game was a nice surprise, well-made. Good Job developer. For more review, check out the video.

Some good work went into this game love the pixel graphics.

This was awesome. Great art style, cool story idea and had an almost Orwell feel about it that I was really digging. Was there more than the one ending? Was there actually a way to escape??

Yes, there is another ending if you get far enough. I may have made it a bit too hard to get to though, but thanks for playing.

still really well done! I might revisit it and try to get the other ending!