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Interesting game.

cool game , i love the unique movement feels like re2 original , here is my gameplay of it 

In like three minutes, it went from normal to creepy to spooky. Story was minimal but well done! T

he simplicity of the game really enhanced the creepiness and sinister factor. Nothing to complain about the game as it looked and felt good and even sounded good with the random TV noise in the background was a great little addition. 

The speech from the family I thought mixed well with the game as it seemed creepy and added to the game's feeling of 'something's wrong' as well. 

Overall, it's a great game and was fun playing it!

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The story is so good but damn, this game raced you through it. I think given the 48 hours limitations for the development, this was a fine entry, really, but I do wonder how this game would play out if you gave it a bit more breathing time and story beats. 

Also: I would rather put subtitles instead of text-to-speech for the dialogue because it was quite hard to understand. 

Other than that: loved the story and that dinner/cake scene was disturbing in a genius way. I followed you to see what you come up with next. Can’t wait!

A very short experience about a kid who wants a friend FOREVER!